Let the Countdown begin!

Only 4 Wednesdays left until Christmas!

Are you one of those who wait until the last minute to set up the Christmas tree or have you been listening to those «oldies but goodies» Christmas music albums non-stop since the beginning of the month?

Michael Bublé has been warning us, Santa Claus is coming to town! so why shouldn’t we? Shining lights and colourful ornaments at each corner, warm food and beverage ready to delight your senses, the cosiness of being wrapped up in winter clothes, the woody smell wherever you go…

Christmas markets are the best choice for that taste of Christmas for those who cannot wait! Get ready to feel a warm welcome in some of the best Christmas markets around Europe.


This capital and its locals have earned the leading position in European Christmas markets. When the time has come it feels like the hectic city life slows down to welcome the wooden selling stands offering art and crafts, decorative ornaments and so on. The result of their effort is incredibly comforting to see before Christmas time.

Starting the 24th of November ‘till the 31st of December this could be your joyful getaway weekend.


The Christkindlesmark as Germans call it has been on for more than four centuries. Its medieval streets combined with its delicatessen and warm wine will make the most of a walk through the Christmas stands.

Opened from 1st to 24th of December to all Christmas passionate.


This area on the north of Frances becomes a wonderland for Christmas lovers during the previous weeks of the festivities. Typically decorated with flowers, these medieval streets get fully decorated on the 20th of November to count down the days left until Christmas.

Don’t miss these Christmas gems, getaway before the hectic time!


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